How to make $50+ a year by turning off your power for one or two hours a week (Not a scam)

We're all about finding extra ways to make money. Well mainly Brian, he thinks about that the most. Sherin comes into play when talking about finding random experiments on the internet from unknown blogs and influencers and telling us that we should try what they do.

So actually this was a perfect match of both our strengths.

OhmConnect lets us do both these things, try out something random from the internet and make money at home from doing nothing.

Actually you do have to do a little bit of something. What happens is the after you sign up the website will text you random one hour blocks of time throughout the week that you can turn off all your power in order to earn cash.

Brian and Sherin_OhmConnect.jpeg

It's been fun for us. It spices up a typical week night because we both get competitive and OCD about it and don't like breaking our streak of successful #OhmHours.

They have a fun backend dashboard that even let's you connect with your neighbors and build a whole team of people that play the game together.

You can try it too at

Sherin Harrington